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The Raveonettes

While their lineup has varied greatly, The Raveonettes are basically a Danish duo, Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo. It's weird in some ways that they have become my second most seen act. I've listed the live reviews first below, and not bothered with writing full reviews of the albums, because it's the live experience that has mattered to me, while frankly I haven't played the cds much. What they do doesn't translate well to record. I'm not saying the cds are bad or weak, just that the sound is inevitably very different.

Live Reviews

22 November 2007 - Manchester Academy 3
13 March 2005 - Manchester Academy, 'Jim Beam Tour'
19 November 2003 - Manchester Academy 1, supporting The Cooper Temple Clause
28 October 2003 - Manchester Academy 3, with Razorlight
8 May 2003 - Manchester Academy 3, with Stellastarr*


The Albums

Lust Lust LustLust Lust Lust

2007: at last, they've ditched the pastiche look. The problem with that, creatively, is that you look like you're hanging off something else, when in fact that was always a superficial connection. I like the new minimal style much better, and the 3D thing is very cute. The production to my ears at least seems to have captured the live sound well; and there are several strong tracks among the twelve, especially Aly, Walk With Me.


Pretty in BlackPretty in Black

2005's Pretty In Black was colourful in pink (and black!) but was otherwise in the usual film style. The American leanings seemed more pronounced than ever; but I wondered if more conflicted interests were manifesting themselves. And a title like Seductress of Bums just sounds odd, doesn't it? Not to say quite wrong in the UK... Thirteen songs, notably Love in a Trashcan, and four 'bonus tracks'. Why not just say 17 songs?


Chain Gang of LoveChain Gang of Love

A full album followed in 2003, Chain Gang of Love. This continued the old film poster look, but now featured the duo in Brandoesque black leather on old fashioned motorbikes. Recorded, we were told, in B flat major. Stand out single was That Great Love Sound which gets aired live today. Amongst the 13 tracks was also Little Animal, which I could never work out, as regards whether it was clever, or simply juvenile rudery. The joke wore off when you'd heard it more than once.


Whip It OnWhip It On

First album Whip It On appeared in 2002. A mini album of 8 tracks, it established the retro Sixties feel with its black and white film poster looks. Lead song was Attack of the Ghost Riders, still present on live set lists. In 'glorious B flat minor'. The album's sleezy looks was reflected in the included 'uncensored' video which I must admit took me aback somewhat, with its apparent relish for the infliction of pain on Sune Rose Wagner.



Raveonettes websiteThe Raveonettes' site. It really needs some attention, because as it is, it's dressed up for the previous album. Maybe there's more attention going on at MySpace but I refuse to link to that.