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wow! what was that, baby?


wow! what was that, baby?

They simply call it rock'n'roll. And it really is. I love the way they launch in with drums, simple riff and shouty vocals you can't ignore. That's Rocket Chicks. Maybe I should dwell on the relationship subtext because it's there in most of the songs (that aren't about sea creatures). They're a girl band after all. But its hard to get into any sort of psychoanalyst mindset because with this album on, the world is simple - don't sink into any of that nonsense, here's some girls to admire because they're being funny and loud.

I love the style of the lyrics. It's often kinda like spoken verse, some story is jammed onto the melody line never mind any rhyme or metre and it's often quite funny. Especially when the ideas are as mental as this. I mean, Angela Brown - what?? If any of them were your girlfriend life would be interesting - 'I took your beers right out of the fridge, heated them up in a microwave oven, then put them back to their place when you came home' Don't you get the slight impression they might actually have tried this? Wonder what that ex-boyfriend thinks now? :)

Somewhere I'd Be Worshipped is sort of their signature song so far. It's assertive, anthemic with its chorus, and it's funny because for all of its extroversion the lyrics tell of a little girl deciding to be their fan for no reason at all, just like small kids are entitled to. '...pintandwefall doesn't actually have that many songs yet...' Which might have been true when the song was written but not any more, from the sound of it. '...everyone participates in our band I think it's also' - and this song is - '...brilliant!' I love it!

When I saw the title, Agentina, I must admit I was hoping for some kind of witty James Bond goes to Buenos Aires fantasy, but no, it's just a misspelling. Or rather, in Finnish that's how you spell what 'Argentina' sounds like. Nothing else to say except that I don't think they've ever been there. They'd just like to.

I have to comment on the shark song too. I was so pleased to hear this because I have my very own shark page. And What Is Shark is just as dumb as my page, though I freely confess that there's probably more actual information about sharks in this song. It mentions more species, anyway. And tells you that 'They eat all the people'. All songs should be so educational. Why use Wikipedia when you can listen to this? I think Tough Pint is my favourite lyricist out of the band :) There's another of her sea creature songs on the album, but be warned, this is nonsense of a seriously different order. John the Seahorse, is supposedly the history of some undersea battle as if John Wayne was involved (He died with his boots on!). But it's really an excuse for noise and a battle cry workout.

pintandwefall graphicNo such solid facts in Disko, but I love this song. It's nothing original but it does its thrilling rock beat so well. Simple and perfect, this is likely to be the song you find popping its insistent hook into your brain when you're out and about in the normal boring day and you want to look forward to something. Actually I like all of their songwriting. They all have distinctive styles. Dumb Pint wrote that one, and a slower but equally insistent one to end the album, Sex Song, which goes a long way to sounding like what it says. And uses the word pint in a way which I hadn't thought of before and maybe redefines what I thought the name of the bandmembers was about I mean it did puzzle me coz they don't have pints in Finland it's time for me to shut up isn't it?

Wow... they really can all write; Somewhere I'd Be Worshipped is Cute Pint's, and the frenetic Shoot the Amber, Baby! is Crazy's. That X-Box is mostly hers too. It's one of the first songs to get you listening, with its funny stuff about being rubbish at playing games. About it being dull playing Twister by yourself, and people not getting her explanations in Alias. (We sometimes play this in our Finnish class, and we often don't get each other's explanations either, but I think that's because we're rubbish at Finnish). I doubt if it's really about playing games because the last two lines are 'Sex is one I like yeh, but I don't think it qualifies as a game...' It's got a catchy tune. And I like the chorus which is meaningless and explains life, really: 'I have an X-Box, you've got a Nintendo, but that's a bit different yeh'

It's as if four Finnish girls got dumped in St. Trinian's and decided to start a band. Which is a reference which would probably baffle most Finnish people but it fits this bunch of rowdy bolshy and slightly insane noisemakers. To me, there's almost the cheerful and undisciplined sound of classic English punk. The production is perfect: it's punchy, clear and well balanced but still manages to give the illusion of something rough round the edges, put together in a garage. Punk? I think it does indeed qualify, with its apparently basic but enthusiastic musicianship, its frenetic and usually brief songs, their often random or trivial subject matter, and the frenetic and impatient vocals. Punk songs should sound as if the band thinks the power's going to be switched off before they can finish.

It's really good fun.

I bet you play this right to the end.

20 June 2008