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are a hyperactive young girl band from Finland and maybe the picture says it all. They've been going a couple of years and according to their story it was a bit of an accident to start with; but the gimmick of the masks has stuck, and the Spice Girls-style comedy names. And they've got a much better idea of what to do with their instruments these days. They've already managed to play outside Finland (in St. Petersburg), and I also see they've played with Boomhauer - ah, now that would have been a lot of fun I think! I'm sure there's a bit more calculation to their career than the way they tell it, but the rough edges to their play, especially in some of the very early clips you might find on YouTube, are very convincing. Their lyrics are in English, kind of - but I suspect that even in Finnish they'd sound a bit mad. The sound of pintandwefall is young, refreshing, funny, deranged, and falling over itself to be heard. Best of all, it's good rock music, full of great riffs and hooks. And memorable lines.


wow! what was that, baby?Hong Kong, baby

2009 kicked off with the appearance of their second 'proper' album. has appeared amazingly fast. Hopefully they'll get a lot more attention now - it's another collection of great songs, as varied as before: quirky, dreamy, and horny are all in the mix. If anything, there's more of a definite rock edge this time round. Rock of a special kind, unique to four mad Finnish girls... which is a very good thing. Buy this record :)
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wow! what was that, baby?wow! what was that, baby?

This 2007 'debut' album appeared amazingly fast. And they're certainly not short of material. But it's not their first appearance on disk: 2006's Milkbar, baby? had several of the same songs. There's a lot of variety in this collection of twelve songs; though the feel is mostly uptempo and the tone amusingly daft. It's full of life and attitudes and sex and sea creatures. Very good value and an essential purchase for a taste of yet another something different on the Finnish music scene.
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Live Show

pintandwefall at Alppipuisto

16 August 2008

Alppipuisto, Helsinki, Finland




pintandwefall websiteThe band's site has recently gone through two or three sudden mutations. Thankfully the previous one didn't last too long; it wasn't the Bambi bit I had an issue with, so much as the eye damaging background ...but I guess chaos rules ok. It's quite dinky now, it works well and gets updated regularly. It's in English. I just reckon they could do with setting up a band forum, they must be getting enough fans by now to sustain one(?) Anything else? Yes - just go and look at the picture with the milk. Brilliant! :)