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Indica are special. Their music is pop, but somehow the word isn't adequate to describe what they do. You'll find that Finnish commentators routinely describe their music as 'mystical-romantic', and it's true that for the second album they did sort of affect the look of Lord of the Rings extras. For me it was a case of instant addiction; their music is a very personal thing. There's a wealth of warm pleasures to be had in their songs, both melancholic and joyous.

Now, Spring 2009, the wider world is going to see more of this band. Having already supported Nightwish in Scandinavia, they're doing the same all around Europe. I assume they'll be first support, so you'll have to get in early, but on the evidence of the previous tour, that should be enough to introduce them to a whole new set of fans. As before, there should be English lyrics. And some time later this year, we've been promised an English language album. Feels strange, thinking about that, because I love the original Finnish voice, never mind whether I understand it. For me, the Finnish is part of the band's magic. My belief is that their music is so strong that if you happen to play one of Indica's albums during thoughtful times, or when your perspectives on life are a little more textured than usual, you could be hooked. In English or in Finnish. My hope is that if you love them in English, you'll be tempted to explore the rest of their work in Finnish. I don't think you'll be disappointed. Their music will be a surprise to some, but the emotion and the lyricism, backed up by the bolder sound evident on their latest album Valoissa, will be a treat for the more imaginative.


The Albums


Indica's fourth album Valoissa (In The Lights) arrived in the Autumn of 2008. Nightwish's Toumas Holopainen produced, and a new influence is obvious throughout, with some songs epic, some richly atmospheric. Three tracks were released in download form, with accompanying videos, Pahinta tänään, the title track Valoissa, and 10h myöhässä. Filled to the brim with wonderful songs, Valoissa is breathtakingly good.
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Kadonnut puutarhaKadonnut puutarha

2007's Kadonnut puutarha (The Lost Garden) is that most precious thing, an album that surpasses already high expectations. How on earth do I think up some new superlatives? This album grabs your attention within the first few bars and never lets up, even as it moves from its powerful early songs to the haunting and lyrical material which runs to its nostalgic and evocative finish.
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Tuuliset tienootTuuliset tienoot

I had no idea what to expect when I sent off for 2005's Tuuliset tienoot (Windy Places) and as I said above I was bowled over. And, while not quite the triumph the other two albums are, it's still very good. It includes some excellent songs, ranging from upbeat to slow and atmospheric. So, don't ignore this one if you get into Indica at all.
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Ikuinen virtaIkuinen virta

Ikuinen virta (Everlasting Stream) was a terrific way to announce their arrival in 2004. It kicks off with a bang, with infectiously catchy pop, but also the smart (and intelligently literate :) Scarlett; but carries on to some anthemic songs of sweeping magnificence. Mesmerisingly good, an essential purchase.
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Live Show

Indica at Sieravuori

31 May 2008

Sieravuori, near Eura, Finland





I've noticed that quite a lot of searches leading to these pages are looking for lyrics. Since the Finnish words are given in full in the album leaflets, I assume the searchers are looking for English lyrics. This may mean one of two possibilities.

One: you may want the 'official' English lyrics for the songs performed touring with Nightwish. As far as I know, those lyrics only exist for the songs sung on those tours, and they have not been formally published anywhere. Yet. Note that those lyrics are not direct translations of the original Finnish songs. I'm afraid your best bet, until the English language album is released (crossed fingers...) is probably to listen very carefully to the amateur video clips from the tour on YouTube. Good luck! :)

Two: if you are looking for English translations of the original Finnish lyrics, then most if not all of the songs have been translated by fans on the English pages of the Indica forum. I've had a go at translation myself a few times, but given the mistakes I made, I certainly won't mislead you by publishing my own efforts here. There are two places to look; first, here, and then here (in case those links don't work, you want the English Discussion thread, and then the newer English Lyric Translations thread). You may need to be patient before you find the song you want. Also, bear in mind that these aren't official translations and they haven't been endorsed or even commented on (as far as I know) by Jonsu or any other member of the band. And, Finnish being what it is, and Jonsu being the writer she is, don't expect precise translations. There's too much ambiguity, subtlety and nuance for us to enjoy!



Indica websiteIndica's site has been reborn once more, with a darker, slightly more Gothic character.
There are plentiful music and video clips relating to all four albums; tour details; a gallery - though nothing very recent here at the moment; a reorganised shop, now able to deal with international orders; band biographies; occasional blogs by band members; a guestbook, and a well looked after forum.