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pintandwefall Hong Kong, baby

pintandwefall -
Hong Kong, baby

girls rock and make you smile
31 May 2009

Badly Learnt French
and Finnish, too
18 May 2009

Badly Learnt Finnish
cakes and Lapin Kulta
27 April 2009

The Chronicles of Riddick
cult film, or just not very good?
31 March 2009

Children of Bodom
put the wind up Manchester

16 February 2009

Indica - Valoissa
powerful new album

5 February 2009


List of Things Which Have Happened

3 April 2017

This may be the last time... Really. So why not finish it sort of like I started it, with a bit of inspiration from the column on the right?

Red and Blue Baby

Here's the latest album from Pintandwefall who were one of the mainstays (=obsessions) of the music section of this site. Look! Their own special intro page! I know I said I wouldn't write a proper review (if you can call the rest of what I did 'proper reviews'). And this isn't one. But I will say it's terrific. Brill. Loads of funny and catchy tunes, all the old favourite themes, definitely including sea creatures. There's a track called Seasimularo which has lethal ear worm properties and has been rattling around my head. It's getting played a lot in my car, though as usual not on the way to suomikoulu (Finnish School), because they don't actually sing in Finnish. Despite never as far as I know ever having done anything in an English speaking country. Never mind. I guess they're too quirky to have made it big; they'd have had to adapt everything, their music, their style... I don't think they'd have wanted that, and nor would I. The really nice thing is that despite the gap of some years, despite having individually got into all sorts of other stuff, it absolutely sounds like a Pintandwefall record.

I picked it up in Kuopio on my most recent trip to Finland at the end of February. As well as all the other Finnish holiday things I like to do, I like to browse in record shops, which tends to mean Levykauppa X / Record Shop X. The girl sorry I should say woman in that Kuopio branch knew the band pretty well too - it sounded like she'd seen them play round about the same time I did, in Alppipuisto in Helsinki one summer. She said, 'Yes, this was quite the surprise'. I was sad that they'd just done a few gigs to promote it just before I went, and then one or two after I left, but not while I was around. That would have been fun. They rock pretty well live.

A last footnote: an odd little thing happened the other day, which was getting an email from someone in India who wanted me to include an Indian Nineteenth Century aviation pioneer in my essay about the Wright Brothers. I'm embarrassed to say I didn't reply, because I didn't think it would help much to say that updating it now would be futile. Also, when I looked into the story, there wasn't a lot to it as regards claims of early manned flight. But the inventor concerned did exist. If anything, the story does back up my feeling that people just don't appreciate enough that the Wright Brothers didn't do their thing out of the blue, they were a small part of a very large picture of many, many people striving and inventing. If I ever get round to redoing the essay on my new blog punbasedtitle, I'll probably give him a mention, along with the Whitehead story, which is one of the most compelling ones about potential first flyers (no I don't think that one stands up either - the answer is still the Wright Brothers, in June 1905).



12 March 2017

We're a little bit nearer the end. I'm really dragging things out, aren't I? That's because there's more than just this website to ease into the afterlife. I wonder if Google really will cache it? I'm not really sure how I feel about that possibility. I'll still have the pages available to me, but this is now a very old and creaky version of Dreamweaver, which I intend to delete. I reckon I've had it 15/16 years. It's not as if it would be sensible to try and make anything new with it. I'd be throwing money away if I acquired new Dreamweaver software - and they tie you in to constant updating these days - and if I did want to do anything more complex than I can on Blogspot, then Xara could manage it I'm sure.

So, I have a newer Dell XPS laptop, as of a year ago, and it is a spiffing machine. I've jumped a couple of generations, as I have with the OS. More than that in fact, from Vista on this machine, to Windows 10 on the new one. Vista was okay for me, for what it's worth. Windows 10... well, it is what we have. Little choice for me, because I'm not giving up Xara, which is Windows-only. My plan was to move over current activity to the new one, and in due course perhaps try out a Linux distribution on the old one. But soon after getting the new laptop, I finally had to get a new battery; then later on the old laptop got rapidly slower, over the course of a week or so. Why, I don't know. Just dust, is a good candidate. I suspect maybe that, along with something physical giving up the ghost inside. Or it's a dodgy battery thing, but it seems to have functioned okay. The other major suspects would of course be in software. Updates conflicting? Vista no longer supported? Deliberate messing from somebody? No easy way to know, but my best bet is that most of the problems are in the hard drive. The problem is most noticeable with browsing the web. I'm really limited all round. It does look as if this machine has nothing much to offer, online or off. Shame. Some people think in terms of upgrading every few years, and I've lasted better than that, but it still feels wasteful. And I did like the idea of playing around with Linux.

One funny PS for this posting. See that last 'New Content' listing over on the right, for a Pintandwefall album? Love that band, but they're a long way past the five year limit... except that I've just been to Finland and returned with a new album from them, Red and Blue Baby. Quite a surprise, as the woman in the shop in Kuopio said. Better give it a listen tomorrow Sunday. But I'm afraid I won't be reviewing it here. Except I will! See above...

16 February 2017

It's ridiculous, but now I'm involved in four blogs. They're all on Blogspot. I don't think I mentioned how this began; it was through being involved in the Finnish School in Manchester, which had a website which no one could update and, usual story, the people who had set it up had long gone. What to do? Blogspot is a good solution, because several people can have 'permissions', and so you can carry on if the main man disappears suddenly. I happily got into this, because I wanted to find out about (free!) blogging in a hands-on way. And it wouldn't be too crucial because the School's day-to-day stuff is done on Facebook. Sadly, I'm the only person who normally posts, which is not how I envisioned things. It's at At the moment it looks like a cooking site :)

I've already mentioned the two personal sites below. Now what's happened is connected with the writers' group I've been in for, what, over ten years? Since our little group of friends left the creative writing course we met on. We still get together most weeks at a cafe in Whalley, Lancashire. The thing is, Fred nobly set up a blog for us on Blogspot several years ago, and for whatever reason it escaped my attention. So it's run fallow ever since. We have, by the way, put out three self-published books, with a little success as these things go. Anyway, we'd like to produce another this year, so I got 'permissions' off Fred and set about prettying it up. You can see the results at Crossed fingers that this time, one or two of the others will actually post stuff as well. Actually, I'm sure they will, Fred at least, it's really his baby.

Lastly, I've been looking around here and earmarking some of the pieces, reviews mainly, for use on Although I'll probably have to edit them a bit, I humbly feel they still read okay. I think I'll impose a rule: if I carry a piece across, a film review for instance, then I must watch it again first :)

3 November 2016

It looks like we're nearly done here, but I'll tinker for a little while longer before pulling the plug in the New Year. That's right, I'm making a huge assumption that the Apocalypse doesn't happen soon after the US elections.

This site has followed the pattern of so many personal sites, having a lot of effort put into it for a period until things change, stuff happens, and it peters out. As I've said, I've begun to use Google's Blogspot, and when I've scouted around, I've found plenty of sites like that. A huge hat-tip to those that have maintained their sense of purpose for a long while, and stayed interesting. I've actually come here to record starting up another blog, and you could say this is asking for trouble, because it's the sort of site which does tend to flicker and fade; unlike the other one, devoted to craft work, this is a familiar personal musings site, which will mainly deal with books, films, music perhaps, and my own writing. You can find it at 'Pun based title'? So witty. It seemed the right thing to do to keep it as a separate enterprise, and I'll only be mentioning it to family and friends.

Personal stuff? No, not really, I'm not inclined that way. I guess a good writer could make any kind of life an interesting read, but I think my own needs are not to get stuck too much inside my own head. The dreaded Facebook is quite enough if anyone wants to check up on me, and I only post on that if I think I have something novel to show off. Pun based title will cover a lot of the same ground as this site - except that my specific interests have moved on - and I may well use some material from here, if it's relevant. Though no one need fear that I will revive such immortal pieces as my review of Bloodrayne. No, I'm sure I can find new rubbish to comment on. Just not in these pages.

29 September 2016

Wow... 2011??? I didn't realise how pointless it almost certainly is, coming back here to write a final update or two, before I let this site go. 2011! How on earth did five years go under the bridge...

The short answer is that I've been spending even more time on things Finnish, and craft work has become a major part of my life. That's the main thing I came back to say, because I've started a simple blog about it at It covers my return to making models, this time now making vignettes for 1:32 scale biplanes. Much more ambitious than when I was into this as a kid. Also, other kinds of quirky scenes, big and small, such as cribs ie. Nativity stable scenes. I've made a few of those, mainly for friends and family, often featuring LED lighting which is great fun (with wonderful potential for self harm, when it comes to the soldering bit). Miniature mazes, too, I hope I can realise some of the ideas for those which have occurred to me. Finally, I'll be talking about what sparked this off, namely model railway-style layouts. I'm not particularly into model railways, but I couldn't resist doing building work on the scenery and everything for my brother's railway layout. I still do a bit more when I go to visit, even though the supposed recipient my nephew is now a teenager and more interested in Call of Duty. The truth is that it was always more my brother's project. And I have begun my own now, not a railway in sight. Its main purpose is to soak up some of the model kits which a Ukrainian company I've done some work for has sent me, and to provide me with something I can work on occasionally, pretty much ad infinitum. Just a hobby! I really don't expect it to ever be finished.

Hopefully a few more updates here before this site sinks into oblivion. Funny, really, mine will be the only human eyes reading it, I assume! :)