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Why Isn't The World The Way I'd Like It? - A List

Look, I know perfectly well that no one cares what I think. In the world at large. This list of points of view isn't really about trying to influence anybody. If you indulge me and read any of these essays, I would only ask you to do your own thinking about the issues concerned, whether you agree with me or not. The real reason I'm writing them is to exercise the business of putting ideas into words and arguing a case. I'll be reasonably pleased if these diatribes at least make sense to me.

The Beijing Olympics - My Futile Gesture
21 January 2008

In which I wonder why there's no actual proper boycott of the Beijing Olympics. In the end, you have to concede that corporate interests have won and that political idealism may have just been a phase. But I'm going to make myself feel smugly better with my own futile boycott.

MyLifeBits - Do We Really Need It?
9 October 2003

The question here is whether we really need to record everything we do. It stems from a Microsoft project called MyLifeBits, which aimed to provide the means to record everything with immediate access to any of it. Reading about this made me wonder why people think that's a good thing, and if there isn't a natural purpose in forgetting things - in other words, letting go of the past.