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History fascinates me. I sometimes don't understand why it doesn't fascinate everyone. It may be about the past, but that's what we're made of; we're the product of what was done before. If we don't study history we're forever condemned to not learning from our mistakes. If only the Americans had studied what happened to the British in Mesopotamia after the First World War... Well, despite that grand and serious introduction, the following lists of a historical nature are somewhat obscure to be honest and I don't know whether there's much useful to be learnt from them - except for the first one of course. We can never be too ignorant of the reality of what happens when empires and rulers attempt to wipe a whole people from existence.

...a list of history lists:-

Armenian Timeline

In other words, a list of Armenian dates, in chronological order. I created this on my old site, and for a long while it had a lot of traffic. I even received some thanks for it. The thing which surprised me was that no one mailed to argue the toss about it - and much of Armenian history is subject of extreme argument, especially the period of pogroms and genocide, from the 1890s to 1920ish. Anyway, there are bigger and better sites available now, and I'm quite content for the timeline to be in this little backwater these days.

German Giants

No, this isn't about myth and legend, but the astonishing giant aircraft built by the Germans in the Great War, the riesenflugzeugen, or R-planes. Little known today, they were twice as big as the famous Gothas, and were packed with technological innovation. This is a Top Ten list of the most interesting ones, including a couple of paper projects, just to show how far the designers' imaginations were ranging.


It's a list of essays. There's just the one at the moment, an attempt to explain my personal Olympic Boycott. Like most of the other pieces, as and when they appear, you'll find it's built on a streak of idealism which probably looks a little sad in this ideology-free age. Well, free of ideology in the West, but that's another matter.

The Wright Brothers Myth

Or, A Rambling List of The First Men to Fly. It's an essay, with a list buried inside it, because things need a bit of an explanation. You may be thinking, surely there can only be one man who was the first man to fly; but it depends what you mean by flight. Read this, and I hope you'll at least follow my argument that there's a whole long list of men who constitute The First Men To Fly, and that the first proper flight, from which modern aviation descends, was not that of the Wright Brothers in December 1903. So when was it, then? Read this and see.