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A Timeline of Armenian History

In other words, a list of Armenian dates

What follows below is a timeline of significant events in Armenia's history. I've gradually put it together as I've read and learnt about Armenia's long and complex history. Why? The interest dates from when I discovered a family connection; a great grandfather of ours came and settled here at a time of massacres in Turkey. I was curious and I even went on a trip to the Republic, shortly after Independence. Although put together in a fairly piecemeal way, this timeline was receiving a lot of visits for a while. I appreciate the thanks offered by one or two past visitors! However, since I created this page some years ago, on a previous site, the amount of resources relating to Armenia on the internet has mushroomed, which is great, so page visits have declined and I'm quite relaxed about that. I've brought it over here just to keep it going for personal reasons. There's bound to be more gaps to fill in, since I've only scratched the surface of Armenia's centuries of history.



2007 19 Feb - Murder of Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink, in Istanbul
2003 Presidential elections, Robert Kocharyan wins a second term
2002 Release of Atom Egoyan's film Ararat
2001 26 Sep - Pope visits Tsitsernakabert memorial, speaks of the Metz Yeghern
2001 25 Jan - Armenia joins Council of Europe
1999 27 Oct - Assassination of Prime Minister Sarkisian in Parliament
1994 Karabagh forces take surrounding territory
1992 Independence of the Republic of Armenia
1988 7 Dec - Earthquake 11.41am Spitak, Gyumri; 25,000 killed
1988 27 Feb - Three day pogrom of Armenians in Sumgait, Azerbaijan
1988 20 Feb - Karabagh soviet vote to transfer sovereignty to Armenia

The Soviet Period

1981 Arpa-Sevan tunnel constructed
1973 Ararat Yerevan Soviet League and Cup Double
1965 24 Apr - Massive anti-Turkish demonstration in Yerevan
1957 Matenadaran built
1956 Major rebuilding of Yerevan
1946 Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory opened
1939 Turkey annexes Alexandretta; of 23,000 Armenians, all but 600 flee
1936 Transcaucasian Republic becomes three separate republics
1936-39 Beria's great purge
1935 Death of Komitas

The Genocide

1922 30 Dec - Republic joins Soviet Union
1922 12 Mar - Georgia-Armenia-Azerbaijan treaty creates Transcaucasian Republic
1920 3 Dec - Treaty of Alexandropol
1920 20 Nov - Bolsheviks overthrow nationalist government
1920 September - Turkey attacks Armenia
1920 10 Aug - Treaty of Sèvres
1918 28 May - Dashnaktsutyun Party proclaims Armenia independent
1918 21 May - Battle of Sardarabad
1915 April - Genocide
1909 Adana in Cilicia, 30,000 massacred

Nationalism and Pogroms

1908 Ramgavar Party established in Alexandria, Egypt
1902 Tiflis-Alexandropol-Yerevan railway line laid
1894-96 Reign of terror by Sultan Abdul Hamid; 200,000 killed
1890 Dashnak Party founded
1887 Communist Manifesto translated into Armenian
1887 Hunchak Party founded
1885 Armenakan Party founded
1878 3 Mar - Treaty of San Stefano; Kars, Ardahan, Bayazid ceded to Russia
1870 Decree 'freeing the peasantry' in Yerevan province
1863 New constitution of Armenian Millet
1855 Siege of Kars in Crimean War
1836 Administration of Armenian Church regulated by decree

Persians and Russians

1829 14 Sep - Treaty of Adrianople with Ottomans
1828-29 Russo-Turkish War; Bayazid, Kars, Erzerum occupied
1828 Turkmanchai Treaty with Persia; Eastern Armenia incorporated into Russian Empire
1827 Yerevan captured by Count Paskievich-Erivansky
1815 Opening of Lazarev Academy in Moscow
1813 Treaty of Gulistan with Persia
1805 Tsitsianov forces Khan of Karabagh to submit
1804 Prince Tsitsianov defeats Persian troops at Echmiadzin
1778 Armenian settlement of Nor Nakhichevan, on the Don
1728 Death of David Bek, chief in Karabagh
1715 Mkhitarist Order settled on island of San Lazzaro in Venice
1701 Israel Ori received by Peter the Great in Moscow
1678 Karabagh meliks secretly meet Catholicos Hagop IV
1666 First Armenian Bible printed in Amsterdam
1639 Armenia divided between Turkey and Persia
1605 Abbas the Great uproots thousands of Armenians to New Julfa
1512 First Armenian press, in Venice
1502 Ismail of Persia conquers much of Armenia from Turcomans


1441 Return of Catholicos to Echmiadzin from Cilicia
1375 Mamluks capture Sis
1373 Last King of Armenia, Leo V (VI)
1363-73 Constantin IV
1342 Throne passes to Frankish Guy de Lusignan
1236 Mongol invasion
1226-69 Hetum I
1198 Leo II crowned in Tarsus Cathedral
1184-1212 Reign of Queen Tamar in Georgia
1180-1269 Armenia's 'Silver Age'
1080 Rupen declares independence of Armenia from Byzantium

Arabs and Turks

1071 Battle of Manzikert; Seljuks defeat and capture Emperor
1064 Ani destroyed by Seljuk Turks
1045 Bagratid king of Ani abdicates, in favour of Byzantium
989-1001 Building of Ani Cathedral
952-977 Ashot the Pious; chooses site of new capital of Ani
922 Ashot II able to assume title of 'King of Kings'
914-921 Building of Church of Holy Cross on Isle of Aghtamar
892 Echmiadzin Gospel
890-914 Sempad I the Martyr
885 Ashot recognised as King by al-Mu'tamid
861 Title of 'Prince of Princes' conferred on Ashot Bagratuni
653-4 Peace negotiated with Mu'awiya I, by Theodore Rshtuni
642 Arabs conquer capital, Dvin
640 Arabs first appear in Armenia

The First Christian Nation

485 Persian Armenia granted liberty of worship
451 2 Jun - Battle at Avarayr
451 Persian King Yezdegird invades Armenia
428 End of Arsacid dynasty
405 Mesrop Mashtots creates alphabet
387 Armenia is partitioned between Rome and Persia
371 Battle of Tsirav, won by Moushev Mamigonian
301 Christianity is made the state religion
287-337 Tiridates III is restored to throne by Roman Emperor
222-250 Khosrov the Great
113 Trajan attacks Parthia, kills Armenian King
66 Tiridates crowned in Rome by Nero
65-75 Tiridates I
53 Arsacid dynasty


55-35 Artavast II
66 Tigranes surrenders to Pompey
69 Tigranakert captured by Lucullus
95-55 Tigranes the Great
190 Artaxias I
2nd-1st C. Artashesid dynasty
331 Alexander's victory over Persia; Greek influence follows
early 4th C. Orontes founds dynasty
520 Herodotus refers to Armenians paying tribute to Persia
6th C. Disappearance of Urartu
714 Invasion of the area by Sargon II of Assyria
782 Argishti founds Erebuni
9th C. Founding of Urartu
14th C. Hittite annals refer to small kingdoms in the area