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If at some point I catch up with this section of the site, I will either get cracking and at least upload the past pages from the previous site, or I will think it was never a good idea and delete it.

Food Lists

Puddings - 20 February 2006

If you're not English, some of what's on this list may seem baffling. I'm aware that the word pudding means something a little different in some places. But here it is, a celebration of the English love of puddings. Some of them may not be very English. Some of them I'll never be able to make myself. But they're all a reason to eat.

Drink Lists

Belgian Beers

Very funny. True, I have been to Belgium, but that's hardly enough to claim any expertise. What's more, I'll probably never drink most of them. Too many are way over my personal tolerance of alcohol level. So, why this idea at all? Because despite all that, I happen to consider that no mother country displays such rich variety of brews within such a small area. As far as I'm concerned, Belgium can hold its head up high in the world, as long as it looks after its beers.