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These offerings below? Look, it's simply to start off the film lists page. I assure you that in the long run the range of lists and the films reviewed will be much classier. Honestly.

List of Film Reviews

The Chronicles of Riddick - 31 March 2009

A few years old, and neither critically respected, nor a cult film; but I keep watching it when it pops up late at night on the television. This essay is my attempt to work out why.

The Golden Compass - 27 December 2007

Mixed feelings about this big budget adaptation of Northern Lights, Philip Pullman's much admired novel. I'm one of those who have read it; but do I still have plenty of reason to enjoy the film?

Bloodrayne - 30 November 2006

Dreadful, possibly the worst film ever made. Though some will feel, 'so bad, it's good'.

Spirited Away - 28 September 2003

Won an Oscar; the film which brought the genius of Hayao Miyazaki to the wider attention of Western filmgoers. Though not, as it happened, his last film, it felt at the time as if he'd saved his very best to last.

Ararat - 7 May 2003

A broad historical background, as tragic as it gets; and yet this arthouse film turns out to be intimate and thought provoking. Its arguments are possibly too subtle and intricate for this to be a truly great film, but it's an impressive achievement and it repays intelligent viewing.

Ghost World - 9 December 2001

This seems to have faded from memory now, but at the time it had all the makings of an enduring cult favourite, with its sassy female leads, its funny and cute dialogue, and the setting of comics writer Daniel Clowes' off-kilter world. There's still much to identify with, for the teen who doesn't fit in.

Ginger Snaps - 3 August 2001

Not so bad. It was something a little different in the horror genre, it featured good performances and a few tasty and memorable scenes and lines. A pity the followups disappointed.

Other Film Lists

Sexy Robot Women - 5 November 2006

So, what is it about science fiction and robot women? And how does this explain the psyche of the teenage boy? This Top Ten may give you some answers. Or it may not. (note - updated 24 March 2008)