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By all means write; comments on any of the lists or reviews or essays are welcome, and some may find their way onto the pages concerned if that's okay with you. In other words, just like a blog. I haven't set this site up with blog software because I don't anticipate this happening more than every so often, so I can edit and include the comments manually, and avoid the problems automatic comments can entail in proper blogs. The address to write to is here below, in the form of a gif rather than a mailto button, just in case that helps in the never ending battle with spam. So please bear with the fact that you'll have to type it out:-

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I did something like this on my previous site (see below) and to my surprise even after I removed the mailto button (yes, very much a case of shutting the stable door after the horse had bolted) some people were still willing to copy out the address and write. Which is great.

About the site

This site dates from late 2007. I started it up after keeping an earlier site for nearly ten years while I was with a different ISP. It was broadly similar to this - pages about music and films and all sorts of other topics. One or two topics were built up into mini sites of their own. So as you can see, it really stood out against all the other sites on the internet! I've brought over many of the pages I did there, sometimes because I like them, sometimes for the sake of continuity with things I'm doing here. But the old site is dead.

Mark's Lists will mostly consist of a load of lists. This is thrilling, because the Internet is sorely lacking in lists (sigh... I'm being ironic). I'll make up lists of anything which takes my fancy. However, I hate lists. They're anathema to the art of good writing, but I guess I'm caving in to what seems to be the natural form of writing on the Internet. Which I don't like because half the point of doing a site was to get some writing practice. You may find I'm not too fussy about my 'lists' and that they're more wordy than lists are usually expected to be.

Only a cursory glance over this site will tell you that Finland will crop up a bit, as well as obscure music and film and history and more. To be honest I'm as bothered about the construction as about the content. This site is built with CSS (not the band, who, weirdly, are on television at this precise moment) and half the time I don't know what I'm doing. But everything appears to work, though in slightly clunky fashion...?